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Platformer Game Design & Development Series

Good morning, fellow game developers 🙂 For a while now, I’ve been gearing up to start recording my first full length Game Design and Development educational tutorial series. It will be focused around recreating my current Platforming Game Project titled, […]


Working With Family Objects Within Construct 3

As you learn how to work with, and create many different types of projects within the Construct 3 Game Engine. You will find certain features of the application in particular, that will make your prototyping & development cycles much faster, […]


Busting Ball – Upcoming Game

It’s been a little while since I’ve posted the short article and footage covering my first public game made available on the Play Store, called Space Wars. You can check that post out here: I want to make another […]


Space Wars Published on Play Store

Hey everyone. It’s been a while since my last post on the blog. My very first public game has been officially published on the Google Play Store as of December 28th, 2021. It can be viewed and installed at the […]


OperaGX Game Jam – End Result – 8/13/21

The deadline came, and I had the game as good as it was going to get. Okay… maybe not as good as it was going to get, but for the deadline, and requirements, anyways. I feel like the timer loops […]


OperaGX Game Jam – The Process – 8/11/21

The deadline for the project was getting close… Only a couple of days left to get my project polished and ready for submission to the contest. In this update, I had tweaked several things. But, the major update was adding […]


OperaGX Game Jam – The Process – 8/10/21

At this point of the process, it was time to start adding some sounds and some other effects to the gameplay of this competition project. As well as more timer loops to make things increasingly difficult as the player plays […]


OperaGX Game Jam – The Process – 8/7/21

Progressing daily is what it’s all about. As you see along this process, as I make updates to the game, I also add skills to my toolbox, while also learning the GMS game engine. Adding to your knowledge, and your […]


OperaGX Game Jam – The Process – 8/6/21

There were quite a few updates on 8/5/21. A couple of them were quite time consuming, namely the animated Title Screen, and the Game Over screens. But, the good part is, once I had the animation timelines down for the […]


OperaGX Game Jam – The Process – 8/5/21

The progress made on 8/5/21 was pretty solid. Adding in some more animations, and visual effects to the game. Not a whole lot changed from the last update, I’ll cover it quickly below. I basically added several different things at […]