Space Wars Published on Play Store


Space Wars Published on Play Store

Hey everyone. It’s been a while since my last post on the blog. My very first public game has been officially published on the Google Play Store as of December 28th, 2021. It can be viewed and installed at the following link if you’d like to check it out,

It features fast paced Vertical Scrolling SHMUP action, with never ending gameplay style. Fly your way through space, collecting powerups such as ammo, rockets, fuel, and health to keep you going in the Space Wars! It is completely free, and supported through advertisements. I’ve purposefully designed the game to limit the amount on ads each player is displayed. That way you will not be bombarded with advertisements 😉

Gameplay Video:

Thanks for all of your support, and for taking the time to check out this post, and game if you went ahead and installed it on your mobile device :). The game is setup for quick and easy gameplay. You can jump into the game for as long as you’d like, and then close out.


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