Construct 3(r266) Release & Example


Construct 3(r266) Release & Example

Hey folks. I’m sure if you’ve read my posts regarding the new 3D features and elements being added to Construct 3 lately, you know how excited I am for all of this to be happening right now. I still stick to 2D game designs, and use 3D elements mainly to create interesting parallax effects for backgrounds & foregrounds. But, I see a lot of people switching over to Construct 3 from other game creation tools recently, and these new 3D features are making it far easier than ever to get those 3D games going in the engine. Keep in mind you will still need to be good with math, especially trigonometry(which reminds me, I really need to pick up a couple books on the subject…).

Anyways, this article will be pretty short. I just wanted to talk a bit about the new r266 build of the Construct game engine. They’ve already added a host of 3D features in previous beta versions, and you can read about those in previous posts. In this release, there has been some bug fixes from the previous r265.2 beta version. As well as a new example you can load up directly in Construct 3 as usual, and learn how to toggle the 3D Camera’s perspective from a third person point of reference, to a first person view. You can take a look at the main event sheet, and reverse engineer how the folks over at “Viridino Studios” went about creating this camera effect.

I’ve embedded a brief video of the newly included example below. As you can see, in the example they are using a method to toggle from a third person perspective, into first person(which looks like video recording gameplay mechanic; or at least styled that way). Looks like the character may have a video camera they are filming through while in the first person perspective. This reminds me of features like the binoculars feature in the Metal Gear Solid series, where you could switch to a first person mode to scope out areas for enemies and objects before moving in to take care of the mission. There have been many third person games which have had similar features.

You can read more about the new release here:

Construct 3 r266 (Camera Perspective Example)
Construct 3 r266 (Camera Perspective Example)

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